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Register to Perform with the Oregon Mahler Festival

The Oregon Mahler Festival is seeking talented volunteer musicians to perform. We will especially need a large number of string players.

The 3rd Oregon Mahler Festival signups are different from previous years. We now have a large roster of wind and brass players, and section leaders will be contacting those players who will be invited to perform. This signup form may be used by string players and percussion only. We can always accommodate more string players.

Performer Donations: For orchestra members, a suggested voluntary donation for the reading sessions is $25 per session and for the concert series $60 ($85 for both reading sessions plus the concert). Sign up for the concert series and the suggested total donation (including both reading sessions) is $80. Please see the Donations page.
Attendance: Attendance at the reading sessions on July 5 and July 7 is optional. Performers are requested to miss not more than one of scheduled rehearsals, but exceptions can be made.


Returning String Players Abbreviated Application Here
New String Players Fill out the form below
Singers Choir Application Here
Wind/Brass/Percussion Reading Sessions Registration Register Here

Registration for new string players only:

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Self-rated proficiency:

Moderate - I study my part thoroughly and do an adequate job in a section, but I prefer less exposed parts. I am in adequate shape and have played regularly of late.

Fairly Strong - I am in relatively good shape. I feel secure with my technique, musicality and intonation, but maybe I am not capable of playing a lead part right now.

Very Strong - I usually play lead or I can play lead in most orchestras. I am in shape and capable of playing lead parts in the Oregon Mahler Festival.

Exceptional - I am an exceptional player and I am interested in volunteering for a position as a string section leader, wind section leader, or brass section leader.

Reading Sessions
Current Orchestral Positions:
Beaverton Symph. Chehalem Symph. Clark College Orch.
Columbia Symph. Hillsboro Symph. Jewish Community Orch.
Maryhurst Symph. Mt. Hood Pops . Oregon Pro Arte
Oregon Sinfonietta Portland Ensign Orch. Portland State Symph.
Salem Chamber Orch. Sunnyside Orch. Tualatin Valley Symph.
Univ. of Portland
Vancouver Symph. Willamette Falls Symph

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