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Our Mission:

Assemble classical orchestral volunteer musicians from around the Portland area for a summer concert to perform a Mahler Symphony, and to offer such performances to classical music lovers in Oregon and southern Washington for very reasonable ticket prices.

The Rationale:

To allow local musicians to play great large-scale works that require more players than many of the local community or professional orchestras have the resources to perform.


The Oregon Mahler Festival is seeking talented volunteer musicians to perform. We will especially need a large number of string players. Exceptionally talented string players are needed to function as string section leaders. Dependent on response, seats for wind players may be limited and the committee will need to make part assignments.

2017 concert date (Mahler Symphony No. 3) is July 29. Concert details here.

Rehearsal details are here. A summary for 2017:


Full Orchestra rehearsal dates are July 15, 18, 22, 25, 26, and 28.
String Sectionals July 17 (no winds/brass)
Wind/Brass Sectionals July 20 (no strings)
2017 reading sessions are July 11 and 13.

Women's Chorus:

2017 choral rehearsal dates are July 15, 17, 19, 22, 25, 26, and 28.

Children's Chorus:

2017 children's chorus rehearsals dates are July 22, 25, 26, and 28.

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Advance Tickets

Advance concert tickets are available at Brown Paper Tickets.


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Gustav Mahler by Auguste Rodin
Photo by Jonathan Johnson

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